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Work From Happiness offers valuable advice and insights like many other remote blogs do, but what makes it stand out is that it’s the work of one person. Additionally, try hands-on polls, quizzes, and games for participatory learners. Auditory learners will love hearing from guest lecturers and panels.

Since everyone on your team is remote, it can be hard to overcome the feeling that you’re all far away from one another. When you’re all eating pizza together, it really can create a sense of togetherness that’s hard to achieve otherwise. We all know that check-ins can get long and drawn out, and it can be hard for people to know how much or how little to share. Everyone picks just two words that describe how they’re feeling today. This is another fun little activity where each attendee can share the songs they simply can’t stop listening to. Pretty much everyone loves music, so this allows your team to talk about something that they’re interested in and share their recommendations with others.

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We love to serve them in toasted pittas but wraps also work great. Super easy to make and packed with protein, this is the ultimate plant-based sandwich filling. The crushed chickpeas give a ‘tuna’ texture and the combination of nori, nutritional yeast and lemon add to the wonderful savoury flavour. A creamy flavoursome broth loaded with spring onions, sesame seeds and chilli flakes. They really take just 15 minutes or so to make, we think you’ll love them too.

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Another option includes finding live webcams from places like wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, and other fascinating locations. If you’re searching for a seriously casual way to spend a virtual lunch with your team, consider streaming a show together. This is probably best suited for fairly tight-knit teams that have similar interests; otherwise, you might find that not everyone is very excited about participating. You can either choose to send out a box of goodies to everyone ahead of time or hire a company that specializes in this type of tasting experience. Looking for a brainteaser to serve as a team-building exercise while your employees enjoy lunch? If you’re having a special lunch get-together, consider asking your attendees to create a short little presentation on a topic that interests them.

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Create a list of songs—they could be random or all relate to a theme, such as “boy bands”—and determine as a team whether each song is more of a bop, a jam, a banger, or a groove. These terms are not easily defined, so part of the process will be to determine what qualifies as a bop or a jam in the first place. You could even start a pet employee of the month (or remote work blog quarter) based on team nominations. Use Slack (or your preferred chat solution) to create dedicated group channels for office chat. One effective icebreaker is “sharing favorites.” This activity can be applied to any number of categories (work related or not), making it a great game for any team. If your team needs some more direction, try an icebreaker activity.

Most impressively, though, the report also found that 98% of the workforce wants to work remotely at least occasionally. As a result, teams can strengthen their trust with each other, problem-solving skills and collaboration, and feelings of belonging at work. You can also provide materials such as handouts, recommendations for podcasts and books for deeper learning, and other opportunities for team members to deepen their knowledge in their own way. While exact timing can vary, we recommend hosting a monthly or every-other-month lunch and learn.

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Discover the ultimate time-saving tools to unleash your full potential, streamline your workflow, and manage your tasks efficiently. Unlock the secrets to motivating employees and fostering engagement. Learn strategies, leadership tips, and more for a thriving workplace. Steph Knapp is a freelance B2B + SaaS content marketer that loves educating and empowering curious humans. When she’s not typing away, you’ll find her volunteering at the animal shelter and obsessing over a new hobby every week. Our personal and professional lives can blend together when we work from home, but keeping a balance is essential.

These recipes transform basic instant noodles into gourmet dishes by adding fresh ingredients and flavourful sauces. These recipes prove that a satisfying and flavourful lunch is just minutes away. Make sure you don’t get so caught up filling the schedule with motivational speakers and icebreakers that you forget to let people enjoy their food. When you’re team knows each other well, ordering some pizza might be the only step you need to take for a successful virtual lunch. We’re more than happy to organize a virtual lunch meeting for you and your team, with a menu that allows your team to choose between a pizza, burger, or salad.

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