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When conducting remote collaboration, you’ll likely be involved in far more meetings than usual, and it can be a big waste of time if teams don’t know how to run meetings effectively. In order to facilitate remote collaboration effectively, teams need to learn how to optimize meetings to get the most out of their time together. Remote collaboration must emphasize the intentional creation of non-work spaces and places people can interact on personal terms. This could be planned activities, dedicated channels, or structured weeks to provide time off. Either way, remote collaboration needs to include some non-work interactions to help facilitate culture building and effective team cohesion.

remote collaboration

You can simply view updated files whenever necessary, quickly updating documents and finding the correct file. Additionally, most platforms allow teams to collaboratively edit documents, removing the need for back-and-forth communication and enabling people to collaborate once before finding a final version. This is another additional feature that helps increase productivity through remote collaboration and accessible documentation. Not every document has to be accessible either, and administration can carefully structure document access to ensure that access is shared properly throughout an organization. GanttPRO easily covers those challenges remote teams face every day – project management and communication. As this online project planning tool is based on Gantt charts, it gives all teams working remotely a clear picture and understanding of everything that is happening in a project.

Pros of Remote Collaboration

Don’t assume your co-workers understand the project or issue as well as you do. Link anything and everything that will remote collaboration help such as Figma files or record a Loom. When you’re in the office, you have to work around very strict time limits.

In a traditional office environment, they may have been able to walk over to a coworker’s desk or call them right away. Other notable examples currently hiring are Zapier, Slack, Buffer, Webflow, Ghost, Basecamp, Doist, and Hotjar. You could send urgent team-wide updates to a group in Microsoft Teams, in an email, or through a conference call. Make sure employees know sensitive information will be shared with them in specific channels that allow for privacy when the situation calls for it, such as a one-on-one video call.

Ways Visme Promotes Amazing Remote Collaboration in Teams

It’s important to note that overcommunication in this context does not mean communicating overly frequently. Excessive micromanaging of your virtual team through frequent check-ins and messaging can be distracting to your team members. It also shows a lack of trust in the capabilities of your team to finish their work to spec and on time, which can be destructive to your remote collaboration environment. The biggest difference between remote and real-world collaboration is, of course, in the way your team communicates. This doesn’t just mean moving from face-to-face conversations to chat rooms and video meetings, it also means changing up the way you structure instructions and communicate ideas.

remote collaboration

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